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Worm Bombs

Worm Bombs


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Product Description

Worm Bombs are an exciting new way to stimulate health and growth in your garden, yard and compost. Each bomb contains more than 50 cocoons with 5-10 worm eggs inside. You’ll hatch up to 500 highly adaptable baby worms in just weeks! Every cocoon is ready-to-hatch when nurtured with moisture, warmth and soil.

Each bomb also includes revolutionary “worm exciter paper” that is scientifically proven to speed worm growth and success. Add Worm Bombs to your soil, compost, garden or worm farm and get faster, better and richer results.

Worm Bombs recently won the 2014 Best Marketing award at the National Hardware show, were named New Product World Winner by the DIY Network, and have received spectacular reviews.


There are six common composting species in every worm bomb:

1. aporrectodea caliginosa – Grey Worm

2. dendrodaena veneta – European Nightcrawler

3. eisenia andrei – Tiger Worm

4. eisenia fetida – Red Wiggler Worm

5. lumbricus terrestris – Common Earthworm/Nightcrawler

6. lumbricus rubellus – Red Marsh Worm/ European Earthworm


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