Save the earth. Recycle food scraps.

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Food Scrap Video
Food Scrap Video
Food Scrap Video

Why Green Cycler?

Super Fast & Healthy Compost

  • Compost 10-Times Faster
  • Powerful Eco-Friendly Shredding
  • Ick-Free Storage System
  • Easy Clean-Up Components

Healthy Kitchen. Healthy Garden

Super-Charge Your Garden
Fast Compost is Healthier Compost
Composting can be easy!
Help save the planet AND keep your kitchen healthy

"It's marvelous, fabulous. We love it! It's a no-nonsense, easy-to-use, efficient shredder."
“Wow! My tomato plant is almost six-feet tall! I added diced food scraps to the planting hole and the worms went crazy."
"I love this machine. I can prep food and get rid of the scraps fast. Much faster and easier than anything else I've ever tried to do with composting"
"My husband and I have definitely been using our new favorite kitchen “appliance” and we’re pretty excited to be able to have quicker results than what we’ve been having"
"I have my own Green Cycler and I LOVE it!! Perfect way to get your family going in the composting direction"
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Food Scraps Gone Bad!

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